There’s a real excitement about being first that is tinged with a sense of fear and trepidation as we venture into the unknown. AUPE will be the first commercial office building that incorporates NECB 2011, WELL Building Standard and LEED v4 into the design. A big challenge for some but an opportunity for us at Next to showcase how we integrate a truly made in Alberta solution to a complex set of requirements.

Project Specs




Edmonton, Alberta


April 2020


120,000 square feet

A conventional 120,000 sqft office building would look to a homogenized 4 storey solution of rectangular floor plates then shoe horn functions into the plan in a best fit scenario. AUPE demanded a more creative approach to how we design office buildings based on functional relationships, a set of guiding principles and measurable sustainability goals. By investigating a number of outline concepts BIM enabled us to compare floor aspect ratio’s, exterior wall areas, orientation, solar heat gain and energy usage as a set of technical outputs to back up the aesthetic characteristics of each concept.

Working with the design build team and the AUPE steering committee we settled on a design that will change perceptions of what office space should be. Arranged as a series of 3 wings of varying heights the building incorporates repeatable elements to address constructability issues while creating a bespoke interior that connects occupants through a large atrium and a series of interconnected floor plates. The site design and landscaping integrates the building to its environment and provides a valuable connection between the interior and exterior for occupants.