Provoking a new era of architecture.

The End of Design + Construction and the Emergence of Making Buildings

Part 1: A Moonshot and the Master Builder John F. Kennedy posed a literal moonshot in May 1961 saying that the USA “should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the “Earth.” In mid-July 1969, the USA exceeded that goal by placing two men on the moon (and a third who observed) and returni

Are you next?

Imagine there’s no box to begin with. Take everything you’ve learned about the business of architecture and “what can’t be done” and throw that out the window. We are looking for two above-average, tech-savvy technologists to join us in our journey to elevate the industry. To be better we realized that we have to create a place where greatness can be fostered;

NextShift – Construction is not Planes, Trains or Automobiles

Scott Berkun said that true innovators get their biggest ideas from two sources – brainstorming and looking elsewhere.  Our approach to implementing and testing ideas at ncx+ is always based on being generally right so we can move ahead rather than prescriptively correct and go nowhere; the former results in observing failure as a gateway to success while the latter inev

NextShift – Taking Stock of the Gender/Harassment Double Jeopardy

Firstly, it should not take sexual assault + harassment allegations so close to home in Alberta in order to have to write this blog.  The theme for our next blog was going to be on diversity and homogeneity in the workplace, but we need to say more particularly as gender inequality is the fertile ground for the harassment of women in particular.  This issue is a frontline

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