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NextShift – Taking Stock of the Gender/Harassment Double Jeopardy

Firstly, it should not take sexual assault + harassment allegations so close to home in Alberta in order to have to write this blog.  The theme for our next blog was going to be on diversity and homogeneity in the workplace, but we need to say more particularly as gender inequality is the fertile ground for the harassment of women in particular.  This issue is a frontline

Are you next?

Imagine there’s no box to begin with. Take everything you’ve learned about the business of architecture and “what can’t be done” and throw that out the window. We are looking for above-average, tech-savvy designers and technologists to join us in our journey to elevate the industry – in many different ways. Do you have a drive to make the world a better place th

NextShift – Building a Sustainable Practice

The beginning of October marks the 1st anniversary of Next Architecture in its current iteration - a remarkable, challenging and emotional year. Last year I remarked that I hoped that in 12 months we could say that we never expected Next to be what it is today. I am happy to say that this is true and thus I would like to share what has, in part, made Next different and what has

Edmonton Law Courts

Early buy-in to the data-led process by the client (Alberta Infrastructure) gave us a great jumping-off point to start the Edmonton Law Court glazing replacement. A point cloud for early data collection gave the team confidence to proceed with modelling and reduced the dimensional risk. Not only did it allow a fairly accurate design model at LOD 100, it allows regular checki

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